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Medical billing cannot succeed in the absence of strict denial management.

It has been correctly stated that what you do not measure cannot be managed. This is especially true when it comes to medical billing denials. You cannot manage this critical aspect of medical billing without a strong Revenue Cycle Denial Management system in place. If you do not manage your denials, you are likely leaving…
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Outsourced Billing Can Help You Improve Your RCM

The majority of RCM services are labor-intensive. To handle the volume of cases, even a small physician’s facility requires one or more dedicated staff members. Salary and benefits are more expensive than hiring a medical billing agency. Turnover may also be an issue, as it takes a significant investment to hire and train new employees. …
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3 Most Important Benefits of Medical Billing Services

Nowadays, with all the changing regulations governing how claims are handled, reviewed, and processed by insurance carriers could be financially stressful for a healthcare organization.  The most frequently asked questions are: Is it true that I’m collecting the most money possible? How do I know I’m getting the most out of my collection?  What can…
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