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The Most Difficulties in Medical Billing Denial Management

Medical billing denial management is always a difficult task. When you find the right solution, it may appear that you have a more efficient revenue generation process. Nonetheless, many people fail to optimize their denial management in medical billing for a variety of reasons. There is no specific proof that every medical billing process was…
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Medical billing cannot succeed in the absence of strict denial management.

It has been correctly stated that what you do not measure cannot be managed. This is especially true when it comes to medical billing denials. You cannot manage this critical aspect of medical billing without a strong Revenue Cycle Denial Management system in place. If you do not manage your denials, you are likely leaving…
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Importance of Preauthorization in Healthcare RCM

Skipping the introduction, let us get straight to the topic.  What is Preauthorization? Preauthorization is a procedure that requires the healthcare provider to contact the health insurance payer to check if the medical treatment that is prescribed to the patient is covered in the patient’s respective insurance policy or not and if the treatment will…
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Revenue Cycle Management and it’s biggest speed breaker

RCM. This term might have come across to you from time to time, but what is it exactly? The abbreviation RCM stands for Revenue Cycle Management. Yes, you guessed it right. It is related to revenue management. To brush up on the knowledge of RCM in the healthcare industry, let us understand this in a…
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