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Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

Enrollment and credentialing are the most critical phases of Revenue Cycle Management. It enables doctors or any healthcare service providers to get affiliated with the patients. They can pay through their insurance service and the physicians are later reimbursed. It involves loads of application filing and clarifications. Syanthy Healthcare ensures proper Enrollment of the payers by stringent verification of data required to begin claims.

Engaging with Syanthy Healthcare

Do you know provider credentialing and enrollment is not just filing forms? Enrolling providers get the opportunity to earn a constant flow of money and thus reducing total AR. 
Our team is experienced more than 15 years in the credentialing process, enrollment, Claims management, and medical coding.

Why Syanthy Healthcare?

Most providers are stress about where to start the credentialing process with the insurance. We at syanthy healthcare help providers reduce their time and work with them closely. So, providers can focus entirely on their patients.


Reduce time in the enrollment process


Each day increasing insurance and patient referrals bring huge responsibility for every provider.

  • We at Syanthy Healthcare have a dedicated account manager who has experienced over 15 years in the RCM cycle they can take of the entire process.
  • Updates are shared with providers and they can access the documents through our dedication servers.

Get in touch with us at syanthy@syanthy.com for more information.