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Patient Registration

Patient registration is the process of enrolling the name and identity of a patient into the records of hospitals and healthcare centers which is a much tiring and long process. Our expert team members in Syanthy Healthcare provide services to track records of the treatments availed by each patient as well as the services provided to them from the hospitals and healthcare professionals accurately without any delay.


Front End registration


Capturing data through scanned document

Claim Submission

Error rectification

Payment Posting

Manual and electronic posting..

Do you know a single demographics error result in claims denials and time-consuming?

Patient registration involves not just entering data. We at Syanthy Healthcare do a quality check on every data and make sure all information is correct

Our dedicated front end team is experienced more than 10 years

  • Each clinic has a dedicated account manager, thus reducing errors
  • The patient data is handled securely with Hippa Complaint.
  • We at syanthy healthcare make sure all demographics data is entered correctly and quality check is done on each and every patient providers see.
  • Scanned documents are handled by our dedicated team more accurately avoiding future errors.

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