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Medical Coding

Medical coding refers to the translation process of the patient’s entire data including diagnosis, illness information, treatment period, etc. to an assorted grade of codes. This is very essential as the data of a single patient is substantially huge and is technically inefficient to send the insurance companies.

ICD 10

Coding Audits

At Syanthy Healthcare, our specialized team members provide you with accurate medical coding services to eradicate the unprecedented denials inequitably to avoid any further delay.

A successful practice and sanctification scores – All these factors have no value if medical coding is not done correctly. We at Syanthy healthcare have certified coders and have more than 15 years of experience in medical coding. Due to this providers get their claims processed in a timely manner.

Our Medical coders verify each and every medical record and work with appropriate diagnoses and procedures.

Our Features include

  • Each practice get separate coders
  • Dedicatied Account manager
  • We try for 100% accuracy and with providers
  • Coding Audits

Reports Submission

Tips and feedback are being shared with every clinic and hospital. Thus reduces clinical errors and improve clinical documentation.

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