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Coding Audit

Coding Audits are undertaken to guarantee the correctness of patient’s coded data. Coding Audits are essential as it determines the accuracy of the coded data and the quality of information is not compromised. Auditors can be both internal and external in a coding audit. We at Syanthy Healthcare provide excellent Coding Audits to uphold risk mitigation and proper functionality of the Revenue Cycle Management of our clients.

A successful practice and satisfaction scores- Al these factors have no value if medical coding is not done correctly.

We at Syanthy Healthcare have certified coders who have more than 15 years of experience in coding who help the providers get their claims processed without error. Our medical coders verify each and every medical record and work with appropriate diagnosis and procedure.

  • Each practice gets separate dedicated coders & Manager.
  • We try for 100% accuracy and work seamlessly in each and every provider.
  • Tips and feedback are being shared with every clinic and hospital.