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Account Receivables Management (A/R)

Accounts Receivable refers to the revenue yet to be received by the organization. This is also one of the crucial aspects of constant revenue flow. Our expert team members in Syanthy Healthcare make it easier by offering monitored A/R aging services to optimize the Revenue Cycle of our prospects.

Providers are at stress due to several claims is being denied. We at Syanthy Healthcare has specialist AR(Accounts Receivable) Team, who works with each and every insurance like medicare and medicaid.

  • Reduce AR under 30 days
  • Increased cash flow
  • Call insurance for follow up
  • Appeals and dispute handling
  • Reconsideration Submission
  • Medical necessity Denials f/u

Accounts receivable is a very crucial role for all providers. As they not only reduce provider stress and provider can focus on their patients

Our AR caller and Team Lead have more than 15 years of experience in Revenue cycle management.